Oh, Boo Hoo, You Gas Guzzlers

I usually don’t post three times in one day, but I just read this NY Times article about people in the US with large trucks complaining about the price of gas.

“It’s a huge inconvenience,” said Dr. Walter Bahr, a chiropractor in Cape Coral, Fla., who drives a Dodge Ram 2500 pickup and pays $130 per tank.

And you know what I say to him and others like him? Boo hoo. It’s one thing to drive a truck for work, a necessity, but it’s another thing entirely to drive around in some of the world’s most polluting vehicles, burning untold gallons of oil that our men and women in uniform are spilling their blood for, and complain because the price is “too high.” Yes, the price is high. But it’s much higher than you imagine, you piece of selfish garbage.

2 Replies to “Oh, Boo Hoo, You Gas Guzzlers”

  1. I totally agree with you about Mr. Whiny Chiropractor, unless he happens to run a mobile chiropractic office off the flatbed of his pick-up. But the high gas prices ARE really tough on people who have to drive a truck for work (like my dad, who has to move beehives around several times a year). Or people who live in rural areas without public transportation, of which there are unfortunately too many.

    But yeah. No sympathy on my part for people who drive gas guzzlers as a status symbol. I mean, isn’t conspicuous consumption the point of driving one of those beasts, when a smaller vehicle would meet your needs. To say to everyone else, “Look at me, I’m so wealthy I can afford to run this expensive vehicle.”

    It’s kind of like complaining that it’s unfair your Armani suit was so expensive.

  2. That’s exactly what it is. It’s people with wealth and privilege complaining when their freedom is suddenly taken away from them and they have to live like everyone else. As I said, I feel for people who drive for a living; it’s hard on them. But everyone else, pshaw!

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