New KGB FF Site & Project Wonderful May 28, 2008 – Posted in: KGB Readings

I’m sure by now most of you have noticed the new KGB Fantastic Fiction website at  As you may have heard, though it hasn’t been “officially” announced yet, we are going to have a raffle/auction in July to help with some of the series’ operating costs.  (More details on that coming in early June.) I’ve also added Project Wonderful to the website.  Project Wonderful is an advertising service like Google Ad Sense, however, unlike Ad Sense, you pay only for the time your ad is live, not per click.  It has a bidding system, much like eBay, and when your bid is highest, your ad is shown.  I created an ad campaign for Paper Cities using Project Wonderful, and had my ad displayed half a million times for about $30.  Not bad, eh?  Anyway, you can now put your ad on the KGB FF site and all proceeds will go to support the reading series.  To sign up, go to the KGB FF page and click on the link under the ad.

Thanks for your support!