Aural Weekend

Now, not only will I have my story ripped to shreds by my peers, but thousands of people could be listening. Scared? Me? No.

If you’re up early on Saturday morning (5am actually), won’t you please listen to my writers group Altered Fluid critique my story live on WBAI 99.5 FM radio for Jim Freund’s Hour of the Wolf. I’ll be reading it live first. An audio stream is available here, and you can go there after to hear a recording of the show for those of you who wake long after the rooster.

Today, Mercurio D. Rivera is coming over and we are going to record a podcast of his excellent story, “The Scent of Their Arrival,” for Interzone. I will be recording the voice of the distraught human. Shouldn’t be too hard to emulate. I’m excited about it. A weekend of reading. Fun!