Myanmar Help

Just read the news that the death toll in Myanmar topped 22,000 today. How awful. Even worse, the local government is trying to keep foreign aid out. They are specifically blocking American organizations such as American Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders. How despicable that they’d let politics get in the way of human lives, but such is human nature.

One of the organizations allowed in is UNICEF, and you can donate to them here.

Addendum: from what I understand, it’s the US who is blocking aid.  From the NY Times:

“The United States, which has led a drive for economic sanctions against Myanmar’s repressive regime, said it would also provide aid, but only if an American disaster team was invited into the country.

The policy was presented by the first lady, Laura Bush, , along with a lecture to the junta about human rights and disaster relief.”

The emphasis is mine.  Fucking Bushes.  Fucking fucking scum.