Green Man Review and the Hudson Current

Deborah Brannon wrote a very insightful review of Paper Cities for the Green Man Review.  She says, “The stories will put the feet of anyone who reads them on the road to understanding that cities are alive.”  And while she did not love every story, she raved about several of them.  What I’ve been discovering, generally, is that one person’s favorite is another’s not so favorite.  In an anthology with twenty one stories, you really can’t go wrong.  There are stories to satisfy every taste.

Read the full review here.

Also this week, The Hudson Current interviewed Ekaterina Sedia and yours truly about Paper Cities.   Ekaterina says in the interview, “We usually think of myths as being very old.  I think in several stories there is really a sense where you feel that an entirely new mythology has been created.”

You can read the full interview here.

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