Fantasy Magazine reviews Paper Cities

Rich Horton reviews Paper Cities for Fantasy Magazine.

Paper Cities is subtitled ‘An Anthology of Urban Fantasy’. ‘Ahhh!’, I thought, ‘A bunch of stories about irruptions of magic in a contemporary city. (Probably either Minneapolis or Seattle, or somewhere in Canada.)’ Not sure how many of those I could have stomached all in a row, fine as they can be on occasion. But this book defines ‘Urban Fantasy’ rather more expansively. Indeed, the great bulk of the stories are set in secondary worlds, albeit indeed in cities in those worlds. There is no question that makes the book more interesting in a sense. In many cases the ‘urbanness’ of the stories is sort of a side issue, at least in that many of the stories are not in any real sense about the experience of living in an urban environment. Which doesn’t mean they don’t work!”

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