Read in Red February 11, 2008 – Posted in: Altered Fluid

Eugene Myers Matthew Kressel Alaya Dawn Johnson

The Altered Fluid reading at KGB this past Saturday went swimmingly. We got to hear a story from Eugene Myers that was a finalist in the Writers of the Future Contest, once which I hadn’t read in a long time. I’d forgotten how much I liked it. I read my “The Thing In The Refrigerator That Could Stop Time.” One person found it “very funny,” another said, “that was great, but depressing as hell.” I enjoyed the varied reactions. Lastly, we heard Alaya Dawn Johnson read from her giant fruit story (woo hoo!) “Far and Deep”. The place was packed, and people were standing in the back.

Afterward we went out for dinner & drinks and ended up at a hookah bar lit in a soft red glow. It seemed the whole night was themed red. Soviet or otherwise. More pictures can be found here.