Paper Cities Reading at WFC

At last, we’ve been scheduled for a reading at WFC.  Come join us on 3pm, Friday for a reading from Paper Cities.  Room: TBD (one of the con suites, I was told).  I am bringing a limited number of copies to sell as well.  There has been a lot of interest, so you may want to get there early.

6 Replies to “Paper Cities Reading at WFC”

  1. Are you still planning to have a party to promote the book, in addition to the reading? Or just the reading?

  2. You should all come to the Brotherhood without Banners parties as well. We’re having parties on both Friday and Saturday nights, and the rumor is that I’ll be bartending part of the time. (Again, the exact location has not yet been revealed, but we won’t be difficult to find.)

    You don’t have to have read the George R.R. Martin series to come to the parties, in case you were worried. We’re all quite capable of carrying on an intelligent conversation that doesn’t revolve around “A Song of Ice and Fire”. 🙂

  3. Two parties?! That sounds like fun. I have a feeling that even though I’ll be part and parcel of the Paper Cities party, that I’ll be wandering into others to see what they have going on.

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