Subway Maps October 2, 2007 – Posted in: Paper Cities, Sybil's Garage

Token for TokyoAt World Fantasy Convention 2007, in a room to be determined, we’re having a co-release party for Paper Cities: An Anthology of Urban Fantasy and also The Secret History of Moscow.  Ekaterina Sedia edited the first and authored the second.

We thought a perfect theme for the party would be cities, and the perfect decoration: subway maps.  We want to hang subway maps on all over the walls.  Problem is, we don’t have that many.  I have New York City, and I found a website that links to hundreds, but I’d like to have the real thing.  So I’m offering a deal to anyone who sends me a map:

If you send me a subway map, I’ll send you a free issue of Sybil’s Garage.  If you live outside of the US, to compensate for higher postage costs, I’ll send you two issues.  (If you have all the issues so far, I can send you the new one when it comes out.)

To make sure there are no duplicates, please email me first at info at senses five dot com.   Thanks in advance!