GrendelDrive August 1, 2007 – Posted in: Aberrant Normalcy

From Paul Jessup, editor of GrendelSong Magazine:

The month of August is now GrendelDrive- wherein that mysterious monster comes out from under the earth to sing his song, in order to try and get new subscribers to his magazine. For this subscription drive, we have some special deals, including a lifetime subscription rate (where you get everything for the lifetime of our fine publishing house) and an upgrade rate for people who have either a 1 year magazine subscription or a 1 year chapbook subscription to upgrade to a 2 year subscription of both the magazine and the chapbooks for only an extra $20.

Special Upgrade from either a chapbook only subscription or a magazine only subscription to both for two years for $20*:

GrendelSong Lifetime subscription to the magazine $200

Lifetime Subscription to the chapbooks $200:

Lifetime Subscription to both $380:

You can also grab the current issue (issue 2) from the website for $6.40, as well as subscribe to a single year for either the chapbooks, the magazines or both:

Later on in the week we’ll get some clothing and stuff for you to buy, all labeled with that lovely music of the Grendel. If you have a blog, please pass the information on!
*Must have either a 1 year subscription to the magazine or to the chapbooks