ReaderCon Panels

I’ll be on the following panels at ReaderCon. Please join me and the editors for the Sybil’s Garage Kaffeeklatsch (Friday, 5pm) and also the Sybil’s Garage reading (Saturday, 12 Noon) with Leah Bobet, John Bowker, and Barbara Krasnoff. I’ll also be giving a talk on the small press (Friday, 6pm). I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there!

— Friday 5:00 PM. Sybil’s Garage Kaffeeklatsch

— Friday 6:00 PM. Talk / Discussion ( 60 min.)
Why the Small Press Matters.
Why are big names like Jeff Ford, Rick Bowes, Catherynne M. Valente and others ending their stuff to the small press? Why should we pay attention to smaller markets like _Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet_, _Electric Velocipede_, _Say_, and _Sybil’s Garage_? If one were to start a small press magazine, what pitfalls should one look out for?

— Saturday 11:00 AM. Panel
Short Fiction Outlets You’ve Never Heard Of.
Ellen Datlow, Adam Golaski (L), Matthew Kressel, Jennifer Pelland, Paul Tremblay
A survey of the obscure places that short speculative fiction appears today, for
both writers and readers.

— Saturday 12:00 Noon. _Sybil’s Garage_ Group Reading (60 min.)

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