It’s Here

Land that Time ForgotRemember a few weeks ago when I mentioned my sister’s site, Collectors Quest? It’s finally here, and thanks to all of your suggestions, it’s even better. Now you can bulk upload items and search tags and, oh, just about everything. For those who haven’t read my earlier post, Collectors Quest is a gathering place for collectors of all kinds. Upload, display, and boast your own collection. Gawk, ogle, be mesmerized by someone else’s. If you see something that you’d like to add to your collection, CQ let’s you ping the user and let them know you’re interested in buying. It’s pretty cool. Check out my Blade Runner collection.

2 Replies to “It’s Here”

  1. Hey, don’t you own some Blade Runner prints that aren’t listed in your collection? I’m disappointed, btw, you don’t have any BR action figures. For shame. And you call yourself a Bladee.

  2. Oh yes, right above my desk I have two prints that some schlub bought for me. 😉

    Action figures! What an awesome idea (as he googles over in another window)…

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