Welcome to Hoboken, Now Swim

SUV or Boat?Major floods today in Hoboken.  Almost every street corner swells with mini seas.  A few blocks away, I was told, the lumberyard burns.  Set alight by who knows what in this rain.  High tide still to come.

Here’s some pics.  Fun day.

2 Replies to “Welcome to Hoboken, Now Swim”

  1. Those photos make me very glad that I live on the fifth floor and on the other side of town.

    On the bright side, most of the dog crap has been washed off of the sidewalks.

  2. There are columns of debris washed up on the side of the streets by my house, like seaweed after the tide goes out.

    I took a walk to the lumberyard and it was still smoking! The yard was mostly destroyed, but the neighboring houses were almost totally unharmed. I guess it’s a good thing the side wall was made of brick. I’m on the third floor, but there’s three feet of water in the basement.

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