Sunset Boulevard

Fanfare for the Common ManI went to the Loew’s Jersey theater again last night, and again I forgot my camera.  We saw Sunset Boulevard, the 1950 classic film noir.  It’s got everything you expect from that genre: the femme fatal, the snappy voiceover, the unsympathetic protagonist, and the somber, brooding mood.  I also sensed a lot of gothic influence: the cloistered feeling, the grand, ancient manor, and the sense of decay, both in the setting and the major characters.  It was the first time I had seen the film, and it was glorious to see the black and white film in the palatial theater.  I get nostalgic for an era I never experienced.  There must be a word for that.  Anachrostalgia?

The best part of all?  No previews.

They have more films coming soon.  If you’re interested, they have a schedule here.

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