I Hope You’re Home February 6, 2007 – Posted in: Aberrant Normalcy, Podcasts

In between bouts of fitful writing and working on the magazine, among other things, I mess around on my acoustic guitar. A riff came to me once while in a fight with my cousin (since resolved) and I slowly morphed it into a song. I used a free program called Audacity, which let me record individual tracks. So I laid down the rhythm guitar, bass (really just me plucking the bass E string), and finger-picking. Then I added a little slide/solo towards the end. The final bit was the voice. Now, you would think that since I once performed a song on public access TV that I would not be shy at all about singing. You are wrong. Something happens between sitting on my bed rocking out by myself and then trying to perform same for present individual(s). I fluster and crack and come asunder like the house of Usher. So, a wise one might ask, why then are you putting this song on the Internet, where hundreds, perhaps thousands can hear you sing? I think of it as a little experiment in self expression.

This version doesn’t contain the exact lyrics I want because my cat kept wanting to sing along with me every time. If you listen carefully to this version you can hear her meow about a third of the way through.

Here’s the song.