Sybil’s Garage Readers Update

Slush!Hello everyone. I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving here in the US, and a great weekend if you live elsewhere. Here are the latest stats on the Sybil’s Garage slush pile:

  • 185 fiction submissions received
  • 153 rejections mailed
  • 27 stories in queue
  • 4 stories accepted
  • Our average response time for fiction: 11 days.

Unfortunately, our system doesn’t track poetry (that will be for version 2.0), but I’ll give my best estimate here:

  • About 50 poems received
  • 6 poems accepted
  • 13 poems unread

For fiction, as usual, there have been some excellent stories with some excellent flaws, and though we could see the story working in a re-write or two, I felt that as an editor I didn’t want to get into the habit of accepting almost-there type stories. The four stories that we have accepted so far were perfect as they came in (or nearly so) and so required minimal (or no) finagling on our part to accept them.

For poetry, we’re very close to being full. We may accept up to two more short ones, but I expect to close to poetry very soon.

Anyway, I appreciate everyone who has sent us their work for consideration. Our little magazine wouldn’t be anything without you, the writers, so thank you!