Farrago’s Wainscot

Darin Bradley over at Farrago’s Wainscot informs me that their submission guidelines have been updated. The magazine describes itself as “an exhibition of weirds, an almanac of experimentation, decay, and the problems with form. We present ideas: stories that estrange themselves, articles on anything from wormholes to haberdashery, poetry that makes of metaphor a transubstantial sigh—a hesitation at the thresholds of contemporary consciousness and interstitial art. Our reviews may tie literature to time-slips and hedgerows, or they may simply laud the delicate sea-tang in an Islay single-malt. An issue may take the sublime as the mathematics of syntax. It may criticize itself. It may criticize us. Certainly, it criticizes the border between here and there, between the uncanny and the unreal.”

Though they’re not officially “reading” until January, they’re accepting now. Full guidelines are available here: