What I’ve Seen With Your Eyes

Roy Batty and the Gold DiggerFor four years in a row I shoved a plastic bag over my body, taped garbage to it and went as white trash. Last year I wore my robe, grabbed my tobacco pipe, put powder in my hair, and went as Hugh Hefner. But this year for Halloween I wanted to do something a bit more dramatic. So I bleached my hair, bought fake blood, and went as Roy Batty from Blade Runner. Of course, I don’t have the physique or the features of Rutger Hauer, but I think I pulled it off (I got some “very cool!”s when I told people who I was). Most people, on first guess, thought I was a) Billy Idol b) One of the vampires from the Lost Boys or c) Some other character from some TV show (“you know, the one with that guy….”)

Here’s a link to more pictures from Saturday night. Lots of awesome costumes there! (There were so many good looking cops I wanted to be arrested. And to the guy who was dressed like Waldo, I kept saying, “Waldo, where the f**k you been all night?”)

4 Replies to “What I’ve Seen With Your Eyes”

  1. Even Rutger Hauer doesn’t have the physique or features of Rutger Hauer anymore… That’s a terrific costume. Looks like it was a fun time.

  2. Rutger Hauer is a tub now. If I’m not mistaken, he was in Batman Begins, and I almost didn’t recognize him (he was playing an old man).

    Funny. I don’t feel any stupider….

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