Strange Plants from (Inner) Space

Two Cranes PressI’m happy to say that both Kris Dikeman, who read her story on Jim Freund’s “Hour of the Wolf,” this weekend, and myself, Matthew Kressel, with both have our photosynthetic creations appearing in Two Cranes Press’ A Field Guide to Surreal Botany. I’m very chappy about that.

Late breaking news (he adds later): James Trimarco has also sold his aberrant plant to the anthology.

5 Replies to “Strange Plants from (Inner) Space”

  1. Congrats and congrats! It was inevitable: you two know and love your plants. I can’t wait to buy the field guide!

  2. I wasn’t making a pun. At least not intentionally. If you are referring to the “chappy,” it was meant to be pronounced with a Yiddish “ch” as if one is clearing one’s throat, and not to be mistaken with the word with the same spelling meaning “wide open.”

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