You’ve Belched Enough

Prof. FarnsworthGood news everyone! The California State Assembly has voted 46 to 31 in favor of capping greenhouse emissions from the state.  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has vowed to sign the bill, which was opposed by Republicans.  The bill promises to reduce greenhouse emissions by 25% by the year 2020.  Here’s an interesting quote from the Yahoo article:

“‘We are very concerned that this bill will send the message to manufacturers in California and the rest of the world that it’s going to be tougher to do business in California,’ says Dorothy Rothrock, vice president of government relations for the California Manufacturers and Technology Association.”

What industry doesn’t know and absolutely should is that capping CO2 emissions actually improves manufacturing efficiency in the long run, thus making more money for industry.  Unfortunately, industry assumes greenhouse emissions capping is a dirty word.  But it’s absolutely not.  It is in both their interest and the interest of society at large to be as efficient, and therefore as pollution free as possible.