The Impossible Quote

My novel has 33 chapters.  While wild-eyed and in the midst of writing it I thought, wouldn’t it be a good idea to have fictitious quotes at the beginning of every chapter?  What a great way to explain elements of the world and set the mood without long and unnecessary expository scenes.  I had several quotes written already; maybe five or six.

After struggling through twelve or so I realized, damn this is hard.

I have twenty five quotes now.  Eight more to go.  I promised my writers group the novel by tuesday.  The quotes need to be spectacular, not superfluous.  So I’m heading to the Museum of Natural History today in the hopes that I will be inspired to come up with some new and grand fictitious quotes.  Things like this were much easier when I worked at a Spanish cultural center and the culture came to me.

3 Replies to “The Impossible Quote”

  1. But alas (I’m becoming extraordinarily fond of that word), no dinosaurs were really viewed today. Don’t forget the one you thought up about human history and the timeline thing. =)

  2. I wrote down a few things when I got home. But they were mostly gibberish. I need to edit them (harshly). But I did end up with a really cool picture of a skeleton of a small monkey (soon to be posted here). And I figured out how to take more than 8 pictures with my camera.

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