My gosh, we have T-shirts! May 1, 2006 – Posted in: Aberrant Normalcy, Altered Fluid, Sybil's Garage

T-shirtYes, we have T-shirts!  You can now show off your Sybil’s pride this summer by sporting a snazzy one of these.  We have multiple sizes, colors, and designs (including the oft-requested mandolin cover from issue two.)  Click here to enjoy them!

This weekend several members of the Alteredfluid group spent a day writing in Hoboken at Panera bread.  It was crowded and bustling but we maganed to be quite productive.  I shall, however, refrain from drinking two large 20oz coffees and eating little all day.  Heart palpitations are not my thing.

And a few interesting google search strings that brought people to this site recently:

“white fungus mulch leaves itching”

“my five senses coloring page”

“selfish prick”

“why is my cat always meowing”

“groped for her glasses”

“human cryonics”