A Long Year’s Journey into Spring

Translation: We've fallen and we can't get upThe air smells a little cleaner. The buds on the trees start to break. Melancholy people open up their mouths and smile. Spring has arrived. Its signs are everywhere. Take this for example:

Sybil’s Garage No. 3 has arrived. That’s right. It’s now for sale on our website. This time around, we’ve got more pages and longer stories. And the author list is just fantastic, with Lee Thomas, Yoon Ha Lee, Paul Tremblay, and many more. We’ve got an interview with Kelly Link and artwork from Stephanie Rodriguez. There’s 76 pages of speculative fun.

Consider too that Lauren McLaughlin (who conducted the Kelly Link interview above) has returned to New York and has re-joined our writers’ group, Alteredfluid. Although she picked up a dabble of a British accent, we’re still thrilled to have her back.

Balticon. Though I’ve never been, I’ve heard good things (I’ve heard t’ings…), and this year promises to be grand. We’ll be heading down I-95 with a posse soon. Look for us!

And personally, I am less than 80 pages from finishing my novel. It’s been a long road, but then, so is anything worth doing. Nothing tastes so good as bread you’ve baked yourself.

On a final, non-sequiturial note, here’s our latest message to those ETs.