A Belated Christmas Gift

Pearl Jam Christmas Album Cover - Front
So I received my yearly Pearl Jam Christmas album today. It’s a bit late, I know. But I thought the cover art is just fantastic, isn’t it? The only problem is, this album is a 45, and I don’t own a phonograph. I really want to hear the songs. One is called “Little Sister” and features Robert Plant. The other is called “Gone” and was “written and recorded on 9.30.05, Room #1152, Borgata Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey.”
Pearl Jam Christmas Album Cover - Back

2 Replies to “A Belated Christmas Gift”

  1. I’m wondering when I will receive mine. I still have a record player believe it or not. Outside the window looks like sort of a apocalypse. I like the purple shade. Looking forward to the new stuff.

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