New York Comic Con – Saturday Review

Lego Batman So much happened yesterday. The Javits Center was packed to the brim, and they began turning people away, claiming a four hour wait just to get into the dealer room.

We started the day at a panel called “How to Write SciFi/Fantasy/Noir Fiction and Get Published,” hosted by Del Rey authors Charles Huston, Naomi Novik, & Del Rey editor-in-chief Betsy Micthell and Tor editors Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Teresa Nielsen. It was okay, but I felt they could have spoken a bit more about how to find a writers’ group in your area. The authors seemed to keep saying, “I show it to my wife” or “I show my work to my editor.” But for those of us who don’t have such luxuries, nor can afford the $$ it costs to go to a writers’ camp, finding a group of writing peers is the next best thing. They should have talked a little about that.

Crowd waiting for DCUNext we went to see what was happening in the “DCU”, the DC Comics’ Universe. Mercurio and his friend Stephen and the rest of the bunch knew all the new titles. I just sat there stunned, not realizing the comic world, even the superheroes I knew, was so large. This picture here was the line to get into the DCU panel. While waiting to get in I saw Stephen Seagal, editor of Earthing Magazine. I had written a few book reviews for them a couple of months ago.

Mercurio Rivera and the Real Ghostbusters
Mercurio with the Real Ghostbusters.

Matt Kressel and Ugly Dolls

Me with some Ugly Dolls

Unemployed Skeletor
An Unemployed Skeletor
Javits Center Ceiling
The Monstrous Ceiling of the Javits Center
Cthulhu Book Rack
The Amazing Rack of Cthulhu Mythos Books
Y - The Last Man Poster
“Y, The Last Man” Giant Poster
Later on I met up with JJ Adams and Andrea Kail and we watched a very uninspiring CosPlay show. There were some interesting costumes, but 99% of them were totally unknown to us. I do remember seeing this interesting fellow behind us with a Pac Man hat on that swallowed his head. He never looked up from his game boy once during the whole show.
Next we tried to get into a short film screening but found out it was postponed and we were on the line for a Mila Jovovich autograph. So we slid back into the still crowded dealer room (by now it was close to 5pm) and wandered a bit.
I bought a very cool black and pink T-shirt from a company called Ten Bills. They took my photograph with the shirt on and gave me a sticker and a snickers. “Here’s your sticker and your Snickers,” he said. We met up with Mercurio then who had just purchased a Fantastic Four number 13 for a large sum. “I’m not planning on reading it,” he said. “It’s going into storage.”
We ended the day at a nice Chinese Restaurant where Mercurio, John, Andrea, Carol Pinchefsky, Carol’s husband (who I think is named Pete, but I have forgotten – sorry!) and myself chatted on about who “Clinton Street” in Hoboken was named after, famous people we’ve interviewed and smelled their poop, and lots of other exciting, geeky things that only people who frequent comic cons and read lots of speculative fiction would know about.
All in all it was a fantastic day.

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  1. I think it’s disgraceful that Skeletor is unemployed! I blame the Bush administration. You’d think they’d offer him a Cabinet post or something.

    FF#13 is now safely stored and packed away. Ahhhhhhh…..

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