KGB Energy Drinks

We're watching you!Went to KGB last night to see James Patrick Kelly and Douglas Lain read. I had a hard time following Douglas’s story because they had no microphone last night, and the performance artists upstairs were stomping around like they were in some step class. Jim Kelly though, once he was done with his long marketing spiel, read forcefully and loud and had enough presence to keep me well entertained. He read from Burn, which he said is also available for podcast download. I liked the first chapter, and almost bought the book. But since it’s only 40,000 words I felt $20 was a little expensive for me. Jim remembered us from ReaderCon, though he’s not sure if he’ll attend this year.

Also in the back of the bar they were selling copies of all the books being read. I haven’t been there in a month or two, but this is new for me. (At least selling the books in a prominent place.) Also of note were the new KGB Bar energy drinks. Shaped like Red Bull, but in an infinitely cooler container, they were $4 each. Again, my pockets had to stay full.

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  1. James Patrick Kelly is certainly a terrific reader as well as writer. It’s not surprising he remembered you, Matt, from those intense, high-pressure games of Mafia at ReaderCon with Jonathan Lethem.

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