Moving On Up

Japanese Happy Meal ToysMore Sybil’s progress yesterday, as I edited the Jim Hans interview and sent it off to him for approval and also finished laying out the stories (sans pictures.) Next is sending checks out to the authors and the long but fun process of scanning in pictures to use for the images. This time around I have a lot more source material to work with so it should be much faster.

I just read “The Lorelai” by Alex Irvine last night, one of the stories in F&SF Jan 2005. I really enjoyed it. The story was a reverberation of Lovecraft’s “Pickman’s Model”, but was far enough away to be a unique tale. I was a little surprised at the abruptness of the ending, and I could have used a bit more weird, but it held my attention all the way through, and that is something a lot of modern fiction fails to do. I’m not a fiction snob, it’s just that I have a short attention span. My apartment is filled with unfinished books that I’m “still reading,” their bookmarks patiently waiting for me to return. I have Dracula by the bed stand, and I read about 2-5 pages per night. I’ve been reading it for over a year, and now I’m on page 270. I should be done by 2007.

Today I’m heading over to the Toy Fair at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan.  I’ve never been to one before, but my sister’s website is all about collectibles and she signed me up for the show.  I’m excited to see all the new toys available, and hopefully, I’ll come home with a few free samples to talk about.