Free at Last

Freedom, I won't let you down.The unholy bounds of conscripted work has neared its end, and alas I am free to pursue my true love. I’ve been working on my sister’s new website, coding everything under the sun including the kitchen sink (I’ve been mixing metaphors as well). The bulk of the work is completed, and as soon as it undergoes a rigorous testing, I’ll post a link here. It has to do with collecting, and I think you all might be interested.

Last night and through most of the day, we received more than 18 inches of snow here in Hoboken and throughout the metro area. A woman outside my window has been digging her car out of the snow for more than an hour. Some cars are buried so deep, you can’t be sure there’s even a car there; it might be just a drift of snow. Foolishly, I didn’t stock up on groceries, so I’m planning on eating these spicy veggie chicken nuggets. I can think of things I’d rather be eating.

On friday I had the pleasure of traveling with JJ Adams up to the Bronx to pick up a complete run of Fantasy and Science Fiction (F&SF) he was purchasing from a man named Steve. While at Steve’s apartment, I heard him mention the NAWCC (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors) and saw his many clocks hovering about the place. (Though strangely, none were ticking.) It just so happens my dad is President of the Long Island Chapter. Small world.

After the ride, John gave me a copy of F&SF from Jan 2005 to present, issues he already owned, along with a nice list of “must reads.” Their rainbow spines sit proudly in my living room giving life to the drab colors encircling it. I started reading the issues last night, feeling much like the man in the Jethro Tull song: “He picks up Gideon’s bible; opens at page one.”

Now that I suspect I’ll have more free time, it’s back to the layout of Sybil’s Garage. It was excruciating to have to put it aside, but rent, unfortunately, always wins before art. But art persists.