What Not to Watch

Some of the types of clothing Stacy and Clinton suggested for LizSo I finally watched the show “What Not To Wear” with my sister as the special guest. Liz, caught off guard as they always are, managed to show her humor and assertiveness quickly. On the TLC website they say Liz “is one strong headed young woman.” She was telling the hosts what to do, and apparently along the way made some fans as well. So, this will be the start of the official Liz Kressel fan club. Send your $20 by paypal. (Just kidding. Though I could use the $20. 🙂 )

Someone asked if she was single. I don’t think she’d be happy about me blabbing about her personal life on my blog, so…no comment.

Anyway, yours truly was on the show too, but only as a simpering figure in the background who had little on camera time. They did interview me, but I suppose because I didn’t exclaim ebulliently how good she looked after the makeover, they decided to cut it. After all, it is “reality” TV.

The show, for all Elizabeth fans out there, will re-air on Saturday at 2pm and Saturday night as 12am on TLC. Schedule is here. And episode info is here.

Some interesting facts for today:
A recent poll Mr. Telhami conducted with Zogby International of 3,900 people in six countries – Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon – found that only 6 percent sympathized with Al Qaeda’s goal of seeking an Islamic state. (source: NYTimes.com)

Saddam Hussein refused to appear in court to defend himself against war crimes, complaining of a lack of clean underwear. (source:CNN.com)

Victorious Army Group was holding a contest to see who could design the best website to promote their message of jihad. The contest winner will receive Allah’s blessings and be allowed to fire three rockets at an American military base.(source: NYTimes.com)

Pakistan extended its ban on kites due to the deadliness of kiteflying; in February, 19 people died and over 200 were injured during a kite festival. (source: NYTimes.com)

A Funyun shaped like the Virgin Mary cradling the baby Jesus sold online for $609. (source: The Miami Herald)

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  1. I’ll be sure to look for that simpering figure in the background when I catch the rerun on Saturday.

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