The Great Slow Down

Zen in KanjiPerhaps some of you could tell by my last posting that I have been feeling a bit overextended lately. Currently, my projects include:

. Blogging five mornings a week
. Hacking away at a second draft of a 145,000 word novel
. Teaching a citizenship class to immigrants
. Being a member of a writing group, will all the requisite reading and critiquing involved
. Reading & writing book reviews for a magazine
. Being a part-time IT consultant for a start-up company
. On call computer guru for other home/office folk
. Being Publisher/Editor/Slush reader of the resplendent Sybil’s Garage
. & many other personal and glorious things

Any one of these could occupy the majority of one’s time, but combined, they’ve made me a bit frazzled as of late. Therefore, I’ve decided to simplify. I won’t be updating this blog as frequently as I have in the past (typically, it’s been every weekday morning). Instead, it will vary to perhaps a few times per week. I’m sure, with more time to think about what I’m going to say, the entries will be full of fascinating little tidbits you never heard anywhere else in the cosmos, save perhaps in a fortune cookie or from your grocery store clerk.

Now, I am going to go breathe. Will you miss me?

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