Yes, we jammed

The JamMore songs we played:

Pearl Jam – I am Mine
Pearl Jam – Elderly Woman
Zeppelin – Ramble On

& various creations of our own.

We had a sign on the door to his basement that read: “Performing tonight only: Slop Sink & the Hot Mops with opening band The Slippys. Admission $0.05 or a @#$% job for the custodian.”

Other friends came over after we tied a few on (paying neither the five cents or the sexual favor). Playing then sounded a bit like a trip to the lumber yard. Lots of loud noises. Our practice amp had been borrowed, and our backup amp cut out when it felt like it, so we had to rent one from a store harking back to the 1950s. Even the music instructional books were old. We rented a “Marlboro” amp (not the cigarette manufacturer) and rocked out for several hours. New strings sounded excellent on the guitar, and even though I am severely out of practice, it all came back in a flood, and I thought, hmm, maybe I’m not as bad as I think. Or it was the beer talking. Either way, we had a good time.

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