Briefly this morning

The Giant AMC Theater in Times SquareSenate Republicans take the lead in ending the Iraq war. (Bill Frist is pushing this faster than you can say “revamp the Republican image.”)

Brannon Braga is done with Star Trek. (I think we’re all done with Star Trek for a while)

The Sony DRM is reported to use the LGPL (left-handed Gnu Public License) which means that any source code it contains must be made public. (My guess is the Sony DRM will be cracked before Christmas)

Some scientists are working on sustainable living on Mars, breeding soil microorganisms which can survive for weeks in Martian conditions. (Didn’t the Apollo astronauts find bacteria that had survived the trip from the Earth to the Moon and back, a full year in space?)

Over the weekend we tried to see the movie Serenity at the giant AMC theater in Times Square. For some strange reason (we never actually talked to a human being) the computer that sold us the tickets said “canceled.” It was kind of surreal. We ended up seeing Steve Martin’s Shop Girl, which I liked very much as a book and a film, even though I wasn’t on a date.