On the Home Stretch

Pumpkins are not part of the axis of evil, no matter what GW saysWe’re almost done with the submission process for Sybil’s Garage issue three. So far, we’ve received approximately 120 submissions. We have sent 104 rejections. We have accepted about eight stories and a couple poems. We have several in the contender category, but feel free to query if you are concerned or have any questions. As updated on Ralan.com, we plan on closing to subs mid-November, so please send your stories our way if you plan to do so.

Have you seen our new website? Hopefully, it’s easier to navigate, and I believe it’s much nicer on the eyes. The cover you see on the front page for issue three is not the real cover, but a placeholder. And many of the pictures you see in the super snazzy slideshow were taken by Devin J. Poore, with a few thrown in from my own stock. Who knows if one of these excellent shots will make it onto the cover?

Donald Pleasance looking puzzledCongratulations are due to Mercurio D. Rivera (picture) who just sold his story “Longing for Langalana” to Interzone. The editors praised his story, all enthusiastically chanting “yes, yes, yes!” like Meg Ryan in that movie. This is his second pro sale in a few short months, so we hope to see many more from him. Mercurio has guest blogged here during his trip to Cascadia Con.

The mask is Willam Shatner, the knife, Martha StewartSince it’s Halloween today, and I don’t have a costume you can see (or would want you to see), how about this cool picture from the Astronomy Picture of the Day.

3 Replies to “On the Home Stretch”

  1. Wait a second! That’s not my photo! That’s the detective from “Halloween”!

    Thanks for the kudos.

    Mercurio D. Rivera

  2. Actually, if you click on the link, it takes you to a small picture of you. But you do have a striking resemblance to the psychologist/sleuth, now that I think about it. 🙂

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