Lost Title Goeth Here

Profound inanity!From the reading queue: Approx 115 submissions to date, 94 rejections sent, about 15 in the contender category which includes about 7 poems. The quality of the submissions has been high so far, and we’re moving along smoothly towards issue three.

Sometimes in the middle of the night or right before getting out of bed in the morning I have these great quotes or ideas, and I always either tell myself, I’ll remember that, or I’m too tired to get up, and then I lose it. The same happened with a title for this morning’s blog. I thought, now isn’t that clever. But between the time of my alarm and my shower and shave it has since vanished into history. In one of my drawers I have about thirty loose post-its where I actually forced myself to write down my thoughts in the middle of the night. Here’s one: “Know that all religions are the same because they seek to elevate man above his animal condition.” Profound truth, or profound inanity? You decide.

Lost in a sea of wordsWhile in the last throes of my novel I realized it was not working. For a long while I was happily delving into my imagination, adding this bit or that to spice up the plot or the characters. But the ending needs to be spectacular, and all plot points need to resolve. I ended up having to trash the last two chapters I wrote, and instead spent yesterday afternoon sitting in a coffee shop outlining the end. I like this ending much better because it affords all the characters their final say. I seemed to think it was going well too, because I kept getting chills while writing it. Devin J. Poore happened to walk in there while I was writing and he snuck words into his story while babies screamed and people spoke much louder than they had too. It was Sunday after all. But we both had headphones and blissed out on music.

In other news the Senses Five Press new website is progressing smoothly. Originally, my plan was to release the new website with issue three, but I think I may post it sooner because it’s like a new car you just bought. Why wait for the plates when you can drive it around town and show it off now? I really like the new look of the site, and I hope you will too. The interface is much easier and cleaner and I think you’ll agree.

Now, those clients that cancelled on friday need me now, so I have to go fix some computers (wink wink, nudge nudge).

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  1. Yes, a very few words indeed were weasled into my story amid the screams of children and yuppies. Guess that’s what I get for hanging out in an “arty” coffee shop. Sometimes I’ll feel bad about doing all of my writing in a glorified fastfood chain store (Panera), but at least it’s quiet!


  2. Molah to me is not as arty as say Frozen Monkey, which tries to be artsy the way Sbarros tries to be Italian. The people that work at Molah too are some of the most interesting and down to earth people I’ve met in hoboken.

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