Sparkly Monkey Pants and Those Crazy Hippies

Stutter VisionHoly shmolly, the submissions queue has picked up in the past day or so. I have about 14 stories to read (forwarded to me by our first readers), along with some poems and essays, and they still keep coming in. The coffee is not working today, either. Something about the humidity, I think.

My cousin sent me this link to a craig’s list posting: “Are you a film, television, and music know-it-all? Are the tabloids your bedside reading material? Do you pass the Entertainment Weekly quizzes with flying colors? Then we want YOU! The producer of WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE is currently casting TEAMS OF 3 for a cable show pilot entitled THE WORLD SERIES OF POP CULTURE. ”

How uncanny. This is exactly what I thought our culture needs to bring us out of the doldrums.

Space Monkey PantsMy friend Paul Berger sent me this Ebay link for a genuine pair of Russian space test monkey flight pants.

Crazy Hippie Dude

And, did you ever want to travel around the country with a crazy hippie? The bids have ended, but some lucky person is traveling around with Cody in his huge green hippie bus. Peace be with them.

And I was at the local bodega this morning when I noticed on the cake rack a package of glow in the dark cake. (I wonder if it glows coming out of you as well.) Reading the label, I found out this is for the autopsy, so they can see inside the hard to reach places without wasting their flashlight batteries. (I’m too tired to remember the cake’s brand name, but I will get that to you tomorrow, if possible)