Not my cousin, if you were wonderingNot much time for blogging this morning as I’m headed up to Gloucester, Massachussets this morning for a cousin’s bar mitzvah. It will be nice seeing a little countryside, especially since my friend Paul Berger just got back from Montana and made us all supremely jealous with his beautiful pictures. I know Massachussets is no Montana, but at least there are more than five trees per block. (I hope to ask Paul permission to post some of his beautiful Montana pics here soon.)

What if the TV knew you were watching? (Think Minority Report) This (not so new) invention may hit a TV near you. It’s called Attentive TV and it looks at you more often than you look at it, pausing the film when you look away.

And while reading about that I also came across this unique TV belt from Chanel. While you thought LED belts were all the rage, now you can watch your favorite sitcom on someone else’s waist while you’re out at the bar. I remember reading in Science News that soon color LEDs will be built into fabric. Your entire suit, dress, etc could display whatever you want. Imagine the possibilities. Imagine the traffic accidents.

William Gibson has posted a link to a support fund for New Orleans musicians. Gives new meaning to the starving artist.

And finally, a private industry called 4Frontiers gears up for Mars settlement, reports See you there.