Woe be the HTML

Got Coffee?Last night, I told Ralan from Ralan.com to add Sybil’s Garage #3 to their list of soon to be opening publications. He informed me that he had problems with our main page, http://www.sensesfive.com/. I had a Java applet running on that page as well as the guidelines page. Well, they have since been removed and replaced with static HTML. For those who don’t speak geek, this basically means that more people will be able to view this page without problems. Greater audience, less flash. Oh, the sacrifices one has to make…

Here are some interesting google search terms that have brought people to this website:

“ride the naugy”
“blog piano hoboken video games”
“guitar center main office address”
“while my ukulele gently weeps”
“stone animals kelly link”
“how the five senses are used when driving”
“visage fade to grey quicktime”
“unsolved child murders”

And for some bizarre reason, “11” has brought people to these pages four times in the past week. How odd. What could they possibly have been searching for? Eleven what? And for the “unsolved child murders”, well if you’ve read issue #2 you might know about the famous Case of Mary Rogers. But until this point I don’t think any of that text has ever been online. Perhaps I am a suspect.

In other news, Mary Anne Monharaj, who has visited our AlteredFluid writing group, and was the former editor of Strange Horizons will be reading at KGB in two weeks and will be reading at Barnes & Noble in Manhattan on August 16th. Her schedule is available here.

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  1. Hey nice work on my birthday. Question: Why is my name and production company mentioned in Cognac’s Blogg? Her show airs on Digital cable ch.34. Thanks,

    Gary Silberman
    CityPulse Productions

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