Ride the Naugy!

Ride the Naugy!Among the bits of wonderful things I picked up at ReaderCon (or on my way there) was this odd little pamphlet petitioning me to “Ride the Naugy!” I can just imagine a little kid roaming around a park with his mother and having a gray old man come up to him and say, “Hey kid, have you ridden the Naugy yet?” The poor mother would never know. So as a public service announcement, I’m putting the flyer here.

All-Star Zeppelin Adventure StoriesPaul M. Berger, of our AlteredFluid writers’ group, has just discovered in Gardner Dozois’ The Year’s Best Science Fiction that he received an honorable mention for his story, “Voice of the Hurricane”, in the wonderful anthology All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories. Mr. Dozois lists Paul by name in the introduction. Way to go Paul!

And if you’re a Battlestar Galactica fan, these pictures might get you excited. (Mild spoiler warning). The series restarts tomorrow, and while I don’t have cable, I am eagerly awaiting this new season. Now I just have to get someone to record the episodes for me.

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