The Post Readercon Post

Food and BooksEven though I had little to no sleep all weekend, somehow I could not get to bed last night until near 2am. I think the post ReaderCon euphoria kept me buzzing all night. Seen at left are me (Matthew Kressel), Devin J. Poore, Fred Cataldo, Ajit George, and Mercurio D. Rivera. Paul Berger took the picture yet again. The restuarant behind us is called the Travelers’ Restaurant, and if you’ve never been there, you might want to give it a try (1257 Buckley Hwy right off I-84 and the CT/MA border). While the food is nothing to rave about (I enjoyed my chicken cordon bleu) the main attraction is the three free books you get to take home from their shelves upon leaving. I chose The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Lonesome Dove, and a book about The New Joys of Jello. I was very happy with my selection.

Devin and his BeerDevin J. Poore in this picture proves that one can never have enough beer at a Con. We devoured many.

FrustratedHere’s me and Mercurio frustrated Saturday night during a difficult game of Mafia. I’m a terrible liar, and because I was so excited when I was previously a “villager”, when the luck of the draw made me a mobster, I stumbled and fell, and ultimately slept with the fishes. Mercurio, unfortunately, was falsely accused and sentenced to death as well. Don’t we look chipper?

Paul TremblayHere’s Paul Tremblay again, reading from his new collection Compositions for the Young and Old. I liked the story, about a zombified resurrection of Mark Twain, very much. Paul’s a super nice guy too.

Altered Fluid PanelFinally, I thought I’d show once of the few pictures where we’re not frowning, sulking, drunk, or frustrated. Shown are me, Paul M. Berger, and Devin J. Poore. All in all it was a long, but ultimately rewarding weekend, and all of us are greatful for the experience we had there.

And on a brief, quick, & personal note, I read this review of one of my recent publications, which made me quite happy. The link to the story is broken for some reason, but you can read it here.

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  1. Great pictures!

    One of the more interesting aspects of “Mafia” is the resulting post-game emotional turmoil, particularly the first time you play it. I found myself inexplicably upset about being falsely accused by friends of being a Mafia member–even though the game is all about suspicion and bluffing!

    I’m all better now. (I’ve taken my prozac and made an appointment with my therapist…)

    Evil David

    P.S. Hmm, maybe my name made me a target?

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