You know you’re a nerd when…

Exterminate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…you spend your friday night watching Deep Space Nine and the new Doctor Who. The Deep Space Nine episodes I got from Netflix, but the Doctor Who episodes, not available anywhere in the US, had to be (ahem) acquired by other means. I thought they were really well done, amusing but at the same time capturing that true science fictiony feel of the older Doctor Who’s. Especially enjoyable was the return of the never to be destroyed Daleks. “Exterminate!” While they did pull a little deus ex machina with Rose at the end, I thought overall the episode worked. It had a little Max Headroom feel for me, that totally underappreciated and short lived show of the late 80s. I also liked Captain Jack, and though I didn’t catch the episode where he was introduced, it was good to see them use an American character that wasn’t naive nor stupid. Jack seemed to be quite flirtatious with both sexes too, a modern and interesting take for a Doctor Who character. Yes, you can say it now. I am a nerd. Well, what did you expect?

The Hudson Current article about the creation of Sybil’s Garage is now online. Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. I also really enjoyed Max Headroom, but I’ve never seen Dr. Who. I’ll have to check it out sometime. And I’m a big Stargate SG-1 fan versus Star Trek, though ST is also cool. The new Battlestar Galatica seems pretty cool, what few episodes I’ve seen.

  2. I heard that you were a huge Dr. Who fan. To bad we couldn’t talk about it during the Con. Of all the Dr. Who series so far, I like the feel of this one the best. Though the stories are often Earth-centric and sometimes a bit pat, overall it’s quite good.

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