Space 2005

While awakening and stretching this morning, I walked over to my window to open the blinds when I noticed a not so unfamiliar man rummaging about the garbage across the street. In his hands was a toy model of the spaceship from Space 1999, a TV show from the late 70s, early 80s that I remember fondly. Because I was out of sugar for my coffee, I wandered over to the local bodega to get some when I saw this poster for a movie called Ringside. I never heard of the movie, but the poster was in excellent condition. However, I decided against keeping it. People throw away the darndest things.

Stranger Things Happen

I’ve just heard that Kelly Link has released her first collection of stories, Stranger Things Happen, online under the Free Creative Commons License. I’ve read the stories before and enjoyed them, but I’ve copied STH to my computer for later persusal. Kelly said she was inspired by “author and copyright activist Cory Doctorow who had put each of his books online under a Creative Commons license.” She hopes this at least won’t hurt sales, and spread her (excellent) stories far and wide. I hope so too.