How to Drive a Man Slowly Insane June 23, 2005 – Posted in: Aberrant Normalcy

As I type the gas company is tearing up the street outside my apartment with some kind of monstrous ripsaw. I’ve tried to compensate by putting on the Foo Fighters’ new album, and I’m not sure which is louder. In addition, my cat, Lucy, has decided this morning at the lovely hour of 6am that she wanted to play mousey under my bed. So, I apologize in advance if these words seem a little sleepy, sloppy, or otherwise erroneous.

My friend, Ajit, sent me this link to a Mentoring Program at Absynthe Muse. According to Elisabeth Wilhelm, the Program “connects teen and young adult writers (ages 13-22) with adult writers. It’s free, it’s unique, and we’re having serious trouble finding enough mentors for all the teen applicants.” If you’re an experienced writer, helping young people may be good for your health. According to the website: “Medical studies have proven that working with young people keeps you young. Taking part in a mentoring program is a heck of a lot less expensive than a battery of Botox treatments.” Well said.

Carrie Pilby

I’m very excited to announce that the Hudson Current will be interviewing me this afternoon about Sybil’s Garage #2. This wouldn’t be possible without the gracious help of Caren Lissner. Caren is the author of 2 and a half novels, Carrie Pilby, Starting From Square Two, and a third novel coming Real Soon Now. I’ve read Carrie Pilby, and though the publisher, Red Dress Ink publishes mainly Chick Lit, and that’s not really my thing, I found myself hooked from page one. Carrie’s a supersmart girl who struggles to fit in with a society she doesn’t understand. Caren Lissner’s a super talented writer who also happens to be a pretty nice person too. Here’s her blog.

Okay, now a car alarm is going off outside while the saw cuts the street, the cat meows, and Dave Grohl growls. I feel like I’m in one of those NASA simulations from The Right Stuff where they place me in a chamber and play loud sounds and flash lights at me for long periods to try to freak me out. Anyway, tonight I’m going to a mini high-school reunion. A few months ago, out of the blue, I received emails from people I hadn’t seen in a decade. As a product of a dozen of those reminiscing emails, we managed to find this little Sesame Street Tidbit. I remember this soundbyte warmly, but my friend was disturbed by the capitalistic ramifications it might have on future adults. Do you keep your Capital I clean?

I want to send my hellos and well-wishes to Kris Dikeman, who is ensconced knee-deep in her Clarion West edification. I’m working on a music mix CD to send her, and I’ll release the track listing here for your enjoyment.


And finally, here’s a nice picture of the Moon rising over Greece. It’s not quite Mars, but it ain’t so bad either.

PS: They’re still cutting…