The Infinite as Commonplace June 15, 2005 – Posted in: Aberrant Normalcy

As my homepage I have set up the Astronomy Picture of the Day and therefore see amazing pictures each morning as I open my browser. Today I was greeted with this beautiful Supernova Remnant. And how about this new visual proof that the Wizard of Oz was non-fiction after all? How strange that I see these amazing images each morning, and yet find myself quickly clicking away to other sites. It’s easy to forget how amazing this universe is sometimes.

On a local level, some friends of mine from the AlteredFluid writing group are heading over to the KGB Bar tonight to see Jeffrey Ford read. If you’re in the NY area and you haven’t heard him read, I recommend you get your behind over there to hear (and see) him. His stuff is fantastic. Gregory Frost will also be reading. I haven’t heard or read his stuff yet, but I will tonight and let you know!

Our friend, Kris Dikeman, who has her story “Cabinet number 67” in SG will be meeting us at KGB before she heads off to Clarion West to get whipped into writer shape. (She’s already pretty darn good to begin with). We wish her luck on her adventure!

Finally, thank you to all of you who purchased Sybil’s Garage in the last few days. If you purchased a print copy, you should receive it in the next few days. We’ve received a lot of queries for submissions, but we’re not open for #3 yet. But soon…very soon…we will be opening for submissions again. I’ll keep you updated here. Well, tally ho, for now!