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[22 Dec 2009 | Comments Off on The Update Post | ]

A few updates this morning: For those who haven’t heard, Sybil’s Garage will be opening to submissions for our 7th issue on January 15th.  Guidelines here. The World-Fantasy award winning anthology Paper Cities is now only $12 for the holidays.  Get it now. Altered Fluid, my writers group, will be appearing on Jim Freund’s Hour of the Wolf on January 16th.  We will be critiquing a story by the talented writer and amateur lepidopterist Paul Berger. I’ve been toying with the idea of changing the trim size of Sybil’s Garage from 7″ x 8.5″ …

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[2 Sep 2009 | Comments Off on Inglourious Basterds Take Deux | ]
Inglourious Basterds Take Deux

I have been discussing the film Inglourious Basterds on Facebook again following a post from Claude Laliumere and then I was referred to a review by Daniel Mendelsohn in Newsweek.  Mendelsohn pans the film because he believes it tells the following message: Do you really want audiences cheering for a revenge that turns Jews into carboncopies of Nazis, that makes Jews into “sickening” perpetrators? I’m not so sure. An alternative, and morally superior, form of “revenge” for Jews would be to do precisely what Jews have been doing since World War …

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[26 May 2008 | 2 Comments | ]

One of the hallmarks of a good film is this: you know what’s going to happen because you’ve seen it before, and yet it’s still fun to watch. We know the rebels will destroy the Death Star in Episode IV, yet, damn, that ending is exciting to watch again and again. We know Roy will make it over Devil’s Tower to see the aliens land in Close Encounters, but hey, our hearts still race when they’re chasing him with helicopters. [spoilers below] Unfortunately, I don’t think the new Indiana Jones …

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[31 Jan 2008 | 11 Comments | ]

The Best Movies of 2007 By Mercurio D. Rivera It’s difficult for me to construct a Top 10 list this year because a number of otherwise entertaining films suffer from the same ailment: a disappointing ending. Among the culprits is Oscar nominee Atonement, a period-piece melodrama that evokes no sympathy for the character seeking atonement and finally culminates in a maddening “it was all a dream”-type of twist ending. The equally lauded Zodiac starts like gangbusters before disintegrating into one obsessed character’s tiresome investigation of countless red herrings. Before …

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[27 Jul 2007 | One Comment | ]

The Number 23 on DVD By Mercurio D. Rivera For Jim Carrey completists, his most recent movie, The Number 23, an attempted psychological thriller, arrived on DVD this past Tuesday. The DVD is chock full of impressive special features, including, deleted scenes, alternate endings, commentary by director Joel Schumacher, and three short documentaries, including one on the making of the movie. For fans of this film [Are you out there? Hello? Anybody?], it’s certainly worth picking up for the extras. Carrey continues to stretch his acting muscles, this time playing Walter Sparrow, …